Today AMD will present more Details of their new microarchitectures at the last day of this year's Hot Chips conference. There are already many articles up, mostly covering what AMD presented to journalists last week. Many articles are being collected in this XS thread. I worked with Dr@ from Planet3DNow on this news article (in German).

AMD published the first round of answers to the 20 Bulldozer questions as hinted by John Fruehe. He also mentioned that some journalists got more technical presentations and their NDAs will lift later today after AMD's Hot Chips presentations took place. AMD also made their Hot Chips press kit available.

However Anand Lal Shimpi already published a much more detailed article, covering the BD units (e.g. 2 ALUs and 2 AGUs plus MUL/DIV per core), the high frequency design (deeper pipeline), improved branch prediction, energy management and much more. He also provides a lot of details regarding Bobcat.

I'm waiting for the final wave of articles. So far, some of the speculations seem to be correct, while others are not. That's the unforgiving nature of speculations. Now it's time to cut some branches of speculation and concentrate further on the others.