I won't read and post anything for a week. So there is a quick round of links and information I want to share.

First there is something I want to make clear: As described in the Bulldozer preview article AMD doesn't use the term "K10" for their current CPU cores. This is a press/community term. AMD employees use "K10" as synonym for Bulldozer. K8 is the family of cores which started with Sledgehammer. So the statement about Llano's core being an improved K8 core just means that it's an upgrade to the latest cores as used in Magny Cours and other AMD CPUs. These are also called "Greyhound". There was even a K9, which got cancelled. See this comp.arch discussion for more on that and Bulldozer's 17 FO4 pipeline. This means a design which is aimed at a 20-30% higher clock frequency compared to K8 with 22 FO4 (same voltage and fab process).

Anandtech has a Sandy Bridge Preview online. Some quick observations: IPC seems to be 10% higher compared to Nehalem and the 1C GPU is about 10-20% faster than a Radeon 5450 (with 80SP, which is the same number rumoured to be in Ontario). I won't go into the Radeon 6870 early benchmark results here, which indicate 30% higher performance than 5870.

AMD confirmed (AMD answer is in English, so don't hesitate) that for desktop Bulldozer CPUs (Zambezi being the first) an AM3+ socket will be necessary due to performance reason (I'm sure it's related to power planes, voltages and the like).

Finally there is a raw estimation of single thread performance of Zambezi compared to Phenom II as I posted here:

A quick and raw estimation of single threaded performance for Zambezi based on the 50% number given for Interlagos (just to show, what has to be counted in at the least):

Relative_perf_1_thread_to_AMD_fam_10h = (Perf_Magny_Cours*1.5 * 12 / 16) * Freq_ratio_of_half_#_of_Cores * Perf_boost_single_core_in_Module * Perf_boost_single_module_on_chip

Freq_ratio_of_half_#_of_Cores = 3.2/2.3 = 1.39
Perf_Magny_Cours = 1
Perf_boost_single_core_in_Module = 1.11 (while going from 90% back to 100%)
Perf_boost_single_module_on_chip = 1.3 (some cheap turbo)

Relative_perf_1_thread_to_AMD_fam_10h = (1 * 1.5 * 12/16) * 1.39 * 1.11 * 1.3 = 2.26

So with some frequency scaling a Zambezi core will be about 126% faster than a core running in a 2.3GHz MC without turbo. This would equal a 5.2GHz PhII core.

This is just speculation. Anyone is invited to check this.

It might be off by 10, 20% but should show how to calculate the performance relations when working with such numbers. The 150%/133% equation for Interlagos gives a result, but this doesn't describe single core performance as we understand it.