Today NDA's for AMD FX processor reviews got lifted. Here is a quick list (updated as time permits):

Planet3DNow #1 (Googlish, original article is here. There's also a clock to clock comparison. Stay tuned for my articles looking at certain aspects of the architecture and why there are the performance differences we see today.)

Planet3DNow #2 (Googlish, my first Bulldozer performance analysis article, where I have a look at measured instruction latencies/throughput, original article is here)


Hot Hardware

Tom's Hardware

Tech Spot


DGLee@XS part 1 part 2 part 3 part 4 (the 4th part is interesting, where he tests the performance of 4 modules with 1 core disabled each)


Maximum PC (has a nice result table)


The Tech Report

Anand Tech

XBit Labs

Legit Reviews


Benchmark Reviews

VR Zone (test of memory scaling with latest BIOS, BTW I think, each module has a 64b read+write interface, so it's limited at 17.6GB/s per module w/ NB running at 2.2GHz)

Also at XS is this long list of reviews.

Since this microarchitecture is a clean break from any existing x86 microarchitecture before, it won't be perfectly suited for legacy software. Software-wise it's a situation like in times of Intel's Pentium 4. Furthermore rumours indicate that there are some things to be fixed (think of the Linux kernel patch to avoid unnecessary cache line thrashing in the instruction cache).