Since February I'm regularly searching for appearances of new "family 21 model 16" BOINC results, which belong to AMD's Trinity APU. As I noticed, I'm not the only one doing that. ;-) Some early results of an engineering sample (ZD372058A4451_41/37/16_9901_800, which should clock at 3.7 GHz base and 4.1 GHz turbo clock according to the string) didn't look bad (one day it reached an integer score of over 13K on 64b linux). But to do some halfway accurate (or semiaccurate ;-)) analysis it is important to look at results achieved on the same OS (here: Win 7, 64 bit) and BOINC client version (6.12.34 here except for the ES, which run a 6.12.43 client).

The FP benchmark, which is a Whetstone benchmark, seems to run as a multithreaded benchmark according to "informal". At least it fills up all available cores while running. The integer benchmark, a good old Dhrystone benchmark, seems to be single threaded. Further it is important to know, that both benchmarks have a rather small memory footprint.

Since we don't know the exact clock frequencies of the benchmark runs, it is difficult to find the correct value for calculating per GHz results. I estimated those based on turbo clocks, which might lead to skewed results. At least in the case of comparing Trinity with its Piledriver cores to the FX models, I hope that rather similar turbo mode behaviour should reduce the error margin.

OK, here comes the table comparing several values I filtered out of my collected BOINC results to have OS and client version the same. As you can see, Piledriver w/o L3 cache seems to perform a bit better than BDver1 based FX models:

Trinity BOINC Performance Comparison

Note: I used "Trinity vs. Bulldozer" to denote the difference between a L3-less Piledriver core and a Bulldozer core, which always had L3 available.

Another note (as of 04/10): In the Piledriver vs. Bulldozer columns I divided the Trinity value by the maximum of all FX values. Further the FP benchmark likely run at base clock frequency. I'll add more on that in a follow up article.